comparisons to regional power grids and microgrids

Regional Power Grid


The entire regional grid, including both transmission and distribution systems, operates reliably to meet all loads under utility and/or ISO/RTO control.

Regional Grid with Microgrids


The regional grid operates under utility or ISO/RTO control.  Each microgrid has its own internal generation and electric loads and operates under independent control interconnected with the grid at a Point of Common Coupling on either distribution or transmission circuits.

Secure Power Enclave


The entire regional power grid, including the Secure Power Enclave, operates under utility and/or ISO/RTO control with the microgrids operating independently.   Unlike a microgrid, the enclave has no Point of Common Coupling to the electric grid because it is part of the grid.


  All loads and generation units are offline and must be restarted by individually re-energizing lines and black-starting generating units. 


Only loads served by undamaged microgrids with adequate fuel supply remain online. The rest of the grid continues to experience the outage.


Only the Secure Power Enclave and microgrids operate islanded from the rest of the power grid.  Enclave operators decide which loads are critical and must be served by the available generation within the Enclave. The Enclave can also be used to black start the rest of the grid.

While the enclave secures more critical infrastructure facilities than a microgrid, microgrids within the enclave can add a further layer of hardening and protection.  Since the enclave is online during this outage, the microgrid within it has no need to island and can be a resource for the enclave.