advantages of secure Power enclaves

Economic Advantages


  • Makes use of existing T&D and generation assets
  • Addresses interdependence among critical infrastructure
  • Enables costs sharing to lower costs to each beneficiary
  • Provides resilience to facilities that otherwise could not afford it
  • Cost-effectively tailors services to meet infrastructure needs
  • Enables economies of scale compared to microgrids 
  • Are expandable on an incremental basis 

Flexibility Advantages


  • Utilities, resource providers, and critical infrastructure can each play roles
  • May be used by investor-owned, cooperative, or public power utilities 
  • Facilitates productive relationships between utility and customers
  • Able to serve multiple facilities under different ownership
  • Involves electric consumers in tailoring services to their needs
  • Can help black restart the wider grid
  • Uses local renewable resources to the extent possible
  • May use central station or distributed generation and storage assets 

Regulatory Advantages


  •  Helps meet renewable energy, resilience, and grid modernization mandates
  • Gives customers more say over how their needs are served

Enclaves as a Platform


Renewable energy and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are playing an increasingly important role in the electricity system and in electricity markets. They are having a growing impact on both the business of electricity and the way the electric grid operates. 

Secure Power Enclaves provide unique advantages as platforms for renewable energy resources and DER for both electric utilities and energy consumers. 

Renewable Energy Advantages


  • Enables the optimal siting of renewable energy facilities and equipment.
  • Maximizes reliability and resilience value 
  • Can allow distributed solar PV to stay on line during outages
  • Large scale possible near critical loads and substations 

Other DER Advantages


DER within enclaves has maximum value.

  • Maximizes reliability and resilience enhancements
  • Enables high locational value
  • Creates best opportunity for virtual power plants
  • Potential platform for transactive energy