Ensuring Resilient Electricity for Critical Infrastructure

Founded in 2001 as Bluewave Resources, LLC, a consulting firm providing technology assessment, market analysis, and strategic advisory services to clients with a stake in the electric power industry, the focus turned in recent years to the integration of distributed energy resources (DER), new electric industry business models, and electric power resilience and its impacts on critical infrastructure. 

Seeing the need for innovation in electric grid resilience, especially for critical infrastructure, and in the integration of DER, the firm developed and has patents pending for Secure Power Enclave technology.  Now as OnGrid Options, LLC, the firm is focused on bringing that technology to market. The OnGrid Options team is led by Jeff Price, who has over 40 years of experience with new technologies for the electric power industry and energy users as well as on industry business strategies.


  • Licensing Secure Power Enclave Technology
  • Identifying and evaluating potential enclaves 
  • Working with utilities and participants to develop successful enclave projects
  • Facilitating utility relationships with enclave participants  

About Jeff Price, President

Jeff Price is the inventor of Secure Power Enclave technology and is an expert on electric power markets and technologies . For over four decades, Jeff Price has advised clients on electric power technologies and markets.  

Previously, Jeff was President of the Resource Dynamics Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in  power technologies.  Jeff also was President of Competitive Electric Strategies, Inc., which implemented risk management systems for power companies.  He served on the boards of Energy Buyers Network, LLC, which provided energy management services to large businesses, and EFS Financial Services, Inc., which leased equipment  to large energy users through utility programs.